Watch the Heart-Pounding Trailer for the Queer Thriller ‘Femme’

Knock on wood, but I’m sensing the beginnings of a queer erotic thriller renaissance. Consider the inescapable virality of Saltburn and the ever-growing hype around Love Lies Bleeding. And now, there’s Femme, a forthcoming feature film that sounds like it’s going to turn the volume all the way up on both the words “erotic” and “thriller.”

The trailer for the movie dropped on Wednesday, and from the jump it looks like we’re in for a wild ride. We see a group of drag performers getting ready in a green room, rubbing baby powder on legs before squeezing into latex, joking about fucking each other’s dads, and drinking and dancing. You know, the usual.

Then we see a queen onstage, announced by a booming voice as Aphrodite Banks (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett). Banks, the drag persona of a man named Jules, is clearly beloved, as we can intuit from the cheers of the audience and the small crowd greeting him at the stage door after the show. But Jules’ attention is caught by a white man (George MacKay) staring from a distance. While grabbing cigarettes in a corner store, Jules runs into the man, who is out with his friends.

“Turn around,” he says to the man. “I said, caught you checking me out earlier.” This enrages the man, who brutally attacks Jules.