“There’s Dual Sides to Us”: Tiffany Pollard Coyly Discusses Her Sexuality

Tiffany Pollard has long been beloved by the girls and the gays — and in a recent podcast appearance, she hinted that she’s part of the family too.

The HBIC was a guest on the Valentine’s Day episode of The Jason Lee Show, in which the host and Pollard talked about the reality star’s love life. On the heels of Lee asking Pollard about her relationship with her fiancé, the host stated, “And you’re queer.” In response, she laughed nervously and took a pointed sip from a glass with a long pink straw. (Seconds later, Lee clarified that the two were drinking Red Bull as he is sober, which makes Pollard’s long sip all the more powerful.)

Lee then said that he didn’t know Pollard was queer “in all the years we’ve been friends,” pointing out that she has “the biggest gay following.”

“You are our queen,” he said.

“Well, I just feel like it’s time for me to really embrace who I am,” Pollard responded, adding that “there’s dual sides to us.”

“So sometimes, I’m not gonna lie, I feel like a guy. Sometimes I feel like a woman,” she continued. “I don’t want to fight it. I just want to be who I am when I wake up that day.”

Lee went on to ask Pollard about her personal definition of queerness, which she said was “someone who embraces both sides, and whatever that feels like for me that day or in that moment, I’m gonna live it.”

Then the host asked the crucial question: whether or not Pollard has slept with a woman. Once again, she giggled nervously, and said, “What do you think?”

“I have lived a very, very broad life. I’ve never been afraid to do anything that I wanted to do,” she said. “I’ve seen it all, I’ve been it all, and you know, I’m good at it all. Real good at it all.” (Fittingly, Lee called for a round of applause.)

For someone whose decontextualized image has become such an essential part of the visual language of the internet, hearing Pollard discuss her identity on her own terms is refreshing — although it would be even better if she weren’t pressed into it seemingly unexpectedly on a podcast. (Especially considering how Black women as a whole are stripped of complexity for the sake of meme culture.)

We love it when a gay icon is one of us.

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