The Trailer for ‘Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show’ Is Simultaneously Wry and Intimate

Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show, the aptly-named comedy docuseries about the titular comedian, just released its first trailer.

Carmichael released the critically acclaimed comedy special Rothaniel on HBO in 2022, in which he came out as gay in front of a live audience. The trailer for Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show shows the comedian getting even more candid… kind of.

“I’ve been trying to maintain being truthful on camera,” he says. A masked individual wearing huge shades responds, “This is not truth. This is narrative, it’ll be edited, those will all be choices, that’s not truth,” with a digitally manipulated voice.

Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show won’t be quite as straightforward as its name would indicate. But the title is reminiscent of The Truman Show, the trippy 1998 Jim Carrey movie that proved eerily omniscient of the reality TV boom of the aughts. Carmichael says as much, stating, “I’m trying to self-Truman Show myself.”

It seems the series will balance a wry meta-critique of reality TV with actual moments of vulnerability from Carmichael’s own life. In the trailer, to the tune of “Fuck the Pain Away” by Peaches, the comedian reveals that he has a boyfriend now, complete with some very sweet shots of him and his unnamed boo. It then cuts to Carmichael in conversation with what appears to be a family member, saying, “When I came out y’all reacted like someone died. It hurt my feelings. Mom basically said I was going to hell.”

Just as quickly, we see Carmichael and his mother joining hands as she prays to god to “take the desire from my son to be with a male.”

In a nutshell, the show seems intense. The series was initially announced on February 1 according to Deadline, with HBO’s official description merely stating that it would “center on Carmichael’s personal life, following him through encounters with friends, family, and strangers, all in his quest for love, sex, and connection.” That’s putting it lightly, we’d say!

Jerrod Carmichael Reality Show will premiere on HBO on March 29, with new episodes of the eight-episode series premiering weekly.

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