The Tracklist for Beyoncé’s ‘Cowboy Carter’ Is Here and Alludes to Some Exciting Guests

We’re just two days out from the release of Cowboy Carter, Beyoncé’s follow-up to Renaissance, and we finally have what appears to be a tracklist for the internet to overanalyze.

The singer posted the tracklist to Instagram on Wednesday afternoon, in the form of a flyer for “Cowboy Carter and the Rodeo Chitlin’ Circuit.” It might not be immediately apparent that it is a tracklist were it not for the fact that “16 Carriages” and “Texas Hold ‘Em,” the two singles from the album so far, are featured in the design.

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It appears we can indeed look forward to Beyoncé covering Dolly Parton’s iconic “Jolene,” as the country singer alluded to in an interview earlier this month. But as for the rest of the names and phrases featured on the flyer, it’s unclear which are song names and which refer to her collaborators on the album. For example, “Dolly P” is there next to Jolene — but does that mean Parton is featured on the album, or is that the title of a song? Similarly, country legend Willie Nelson’s name appears on the flyer, with “Smoke Hour” written in tiny text above it. There’s also “The Linda Martell Show,” a reference to the first commercially successful Black woman country artist, and honestly, we’re crossing our fingers that 82-year-old Martell is actually featured.

Additionally, Megan Thee Stallion reposted the tracklist to her Instagram story on Wednesday, writing, “Sweet honey buckinnnn!! I cant wait to hear what that sounds like !” And while that could just be Meg expressing her general enthusiasm for the record, it seems pretty likely that as a fellow H-town Hottie who’s already collabed with Beyoncé in the past, she might be featured on that song.

Bey’s already alluded to having “a few surprises on the album,” and collaborating “with some brilliant artists who I deeply respect,” as she wrote in a March 19 Instagram post. Let’s just hope that one of those yet-to-be-named artists is Lady Gaga, and that we really can look forward to “Telephone” part two.

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