The Top NFL Draft Pick Paints His Nails. Conservatives Are Freaking Out

“I got genuinely annoyed… because there’s a big old dollop of homophobia on top of [those] comments,” he said, refuting all the bad-faith talking points that wearing nail polish makes Williams not “a leader of men” or “too Hollywood for the NFL.”

“You know what’s the weirdest thing about Caleb? That he’s gonna be a Bears quarterback who is actually good,” Brandt added. “He should be the number one pick. He’s going to be the number one pick. And when the pride and joy of Illinois, Chicago Bears, call him to let him know on draft night, I hope he takes that call on his pink phone.”

The uproar is part of a recent wave of right-wingers turning on the NFL as a whole. In recent months, they’ve complained about football growing too “woke,” even crafting conspiracy theories claiming that the high-profile relationship between Taylor Swift and Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce is actually a Democratic marketing scheme to win voters.

In the meantime, don’t expect Williams to be too upset about causing a nail polish uproar. On March 28, USC’s assistant athletic director Gavin Morris shared an X video in which he stood on the field with Williams, joking, “It’s been a long week for you. Let’s see what that phone look like?”

“The wallet’s white,” Williams replied, holding it up to the camera. “The phone is pink, the case is clear. Nails are clear.”

Then he leaned in, pointedly adding, “Lips are pink — your girl love ’em!”

Williams previously appeared in Dr. Pepper’s Fansville campaign in 2023, appearing with red-and-white “I Heart Dr Pepper” nails alongside his mom, Dayna Price, a former nail technician who used to do his manicures. We love a family business!

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