Right-Wing Trolls Have Worked Themselves Up Over a Nonbinary ‘X-Men’ Character

To me, my fake fans! X-Men ’97, Marvel’s forthcoming sequel to the classic 1990s superhero cartoon, has it all: a new trailer, a release date in March, and a pack of enraged right-wingers who insist that comics’ most famous civil rights allegory has “gone woke” by making one of its characters nonbinary.

After more than two years in development, X-Men ’97 is scheduled to drop on Disney+ on March 20, with a 10-episode first season picking up where the original X-Men cartoon left off, with the dramatic death of team founder Professor Charles Xavier. It’s not Xavier or any of the series’ more well-known mutant characters that gripped reactionaries in a panic, though, but rather Morph, a shapeshifter who died in the original series’ first episode (but later returned for complicated comic-book reasons).

According to a feature interview this month with showrunner Beau DeMayo in Empire, Morph, who was originally portrayed as a cisgender man, will instead be characterized as nonbinary. DeMayo later confirmed in a story post on Instagram that this version of Morph uses they/them pronouns. Voice actor JP Karliak, who is openly gay, plays Morph in the new series.

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