Peppermint Speaks Out About “the Biases” Behind Her Early ‘Traitors’ Elimination

Peppermint went on to elaborate that “in those situations, people like me don’t really fare that well,” relaying a painful experience of being the only out LGBTQ+ person in her high school. Notably, Peppermint was the only Drag Race star on this season of The Traitors whereas multiple other competitors had pre-existing relationships with friends from their origin shows. She was also the only transgender cast member. The memory of her school experience prompted Peppermint to pause for a moment, but she continued to explain why trans representation on TV matters amid a barrage of anti-LGBTQ+ laws being passed in the U.S.

“In addition to this being an opportunity for entertainment, I understand that with all of the anti-trans legislation in our country right now, this moment is bigger than just me coming to play a game,” she said. “Most people don’t know someone who’s trans in their personal life, which means that they learn about how to interact with us from TV, so I was heartbroken that I wasn’t able to see that through.”

While the reunion quickly moved on to cover other topics, Peppermint’s remarks were as raw and honest as they were powerful and necessary. The drag performer has been outspoken about her banishment ever since the second episode of the season aired, saying that her elimination points to the need to have more than one trans person involved in a production. Not only is Peppermint a fantastic screen presence and an amazing dresser, she proved yet again at the reunion that she deeply understands what it means to be publicly trans on a major platform.

Peacock, if you’re listening, try putting (at least) two trans Drag Race queens on the recently confirmed season three of The Traitors. You’ve got plenty to choose from. And please make Peppermint one of them.

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