Pedro Pascal and Kieran Culkin Discussed Sniffing Each Other’s Armpits at the SAG Awards

Although we sadly haven’t gotten to see these two icons kiss (yet), the duo shared one more memorable moment backstage later in the ceremony.

After an Entertainment Tonight reporter asked Pascal if the two were “gonna make out” during an interview, Culkin came over and slung an arm around the Last of Us star’s shoulder, answering for both of them: “False.”

“He did ask if I wanted to smell his pits,” Culkin added, to which Pascal jokingly answered: “Well, just kind of, like, a nerve thing… Kieran, would you like to smell my armpits?”

“No, of course not,” Culkin replied. “I don’t think I wanna smell anyone’s armpits. Do you wanna smell mine? You don’t have to answer that.”

After Culkin joked that Pascal had his Best Actor trophy, Pascal played along, jokingly thanking the Succession actors also nominated in his category for the award.

“You’re welcome,” Culkin replied, wrapping Pascal in an embrace. “You deserve it, or whatever.”

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