Our Favorite “Mama, Kudos for Saying That, For Spilling” Memes So Far

RuPaul’s Drag Race has gifted us with some iconic memes over the years, and I’m pleased to report that we have a new classic on our hands. If you’ve been on queer social media over the past few days, you’ve likely seen the same phrase repeated constantly: “Mama, kudos for saying that, for spilling.”

The line comes from the latest installment of Drag Race season 16, which aired on Friday, March 15. In the episode, the queens were given the assignment to deliver “drag awareness employee seminars.” Contestants Q and Plane Jane were paired up and given the topic, “Do you know your drag herstory?” As Gay Times explains, Q told Plane Jane that she would be doing “something sentimental” for the runway challenge theme “Flashback: DragCon 1980.”

As the two queens were getting ready in the Werk Room, Q shared with Plane Jane that her runway look was inspired by the red ribbon, which symbolizes AIDS awareness and support for people living with HIV. Q explained that the ribbon has a personal meaning for her because she’s HIV-positive, going on to explain how she feared how she was “going to be treated by family and people around me who don’t understand it, because it is so stigmatized.”

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