North Carolina’s GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Has Referred to LGBTQ+ People as “Filth”

He has also referred to “transgenderism” and “homosexuality” as “filth” (and doubled down on those remarks), argued that trans women should be arrested for using women’s restrooms, stated that gay people are inferior to straight people, asserted that gay people are paving the way for the normalization of pedophilia, which will lead to civilizational collapse… you get the gist.

What does Mark Robinson have to say about the Holocaust?

The self-described evangelical Christian has some not-so-great takes on the Holocaust. According to WRAL, Robinson has called the Holocaust “hogwash” in a Facebook post. In another Facebook post, Robinson seemed to cast doubt on the fact that six million Jewish people were murdered in the Holocaust.

He’s also quoted Hitler, and is a big fan of downplaying the threat of the Nazi dictator as compared to the supposed ongoing threats of “Marxism.”

What does Mark Robinson have to say about abortion?

Again, not great things! Robinson is softer on abortion now, but that’s not saying much. He previously supported abortion bans without exception, stating that “there is no compromise on abortion. It makes no difference to me why or how that child ended up in that womb,” according to CNN. He previously also referred to abortion as “murder” and “genocide,” also according to CNN. Now, he’s claiming that he no longer believes in passing strict abortion laws, preferring instead to cultivate a “culture of life” through one on one conversations with pregnant people, per local news outlet WFAE.

What are Mark Robinson’s chances of winning the North Carolina governor’s race?

It’s unclear. ABC News says that the race is “shaping up to be one of the most competitive and closely watched faceoffs” in North Carolina, which is a swing state. Republicans have won the presidential election in North Carolina in 11 of the last 13 elections, per ABC News. But the outlet also notes that as of the 2020 census, the state’s population has increased by more than 900,000 in the past decade, with Black, Hispanic, and multiracial residents driving that growth. Robinson, however, also enjoys the distinct advantage of an endorsement from Donald Trump, who also referred to him as “Martin Luther King on steroids,” per the Associated Press.

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