Lukas Gage Got Candid About His Brief, “Unhinged” Marriage to Chris Appleton

Lukas Gage left an indelible mark on the first season of White Lotus, creator Mike White’s HBO series about insufferable tourists and those who cater to them. In that role, Gage played Dillon, an employee of the Hawaiian resort who (spoilers ahead) goes on a bender with Armond, the resort’s manager. They end up hooking up, resulting in one of the best cinematic depictions of ass eating ever seen on TV.

It’s the kind of gay chaos we want to see more of, and Gage didn’t disappoint in that regard last year, having married celebrity hairstylist Chris Appleton after only a few months of dating — then divorcing him in November. Now, Gage is opening up about his short marriage, telling Andy Cohen in an episode of Watch What Happens Live this week that it was the result of him having “a manic episode for six months.”

“That’s kind of how I roll. I’m a little impulsive, you know me, but that was probably one of the most unhinged things I’ve ever done in my life,” Gage said.

The ceremony itself had more than a tinge of chaotic energy: the couple flew to Las Vegas for their nuptials, and they were officiated by none other than Appleton’s BFF, Kim Kardashian. (Kardashian also paid for everything, Gage said, which makes sense given the wedding was featured on an episode of The Kardashians.) The couple wore elaborate fur coats during their vows, which is a slay. And musical entertainment was provided by country-pop star Shania Twain.

“Literally, I don’t know what went through my head. I don’t know what happened. The fur coats was a horrible idea,” he said, per The Hollywood Reporter. He then directed an apology to Shania Twain “for wasting her time.”

Before Kardashian declared them man and husband, Twain serenaded the couple with “You’re Still the One.” Referencing the song, Gage told Cohen, “I mean, ‘We’re still holding on, you’re still the one,’ after, like, three weeks? That was unhinged.”

“That was like the biggest waste of her time,” he said. “But, I love you, Shania. I’m really sorry about that.”

Twain jokingly responded to the apology on X this week, writing, “If you’re not in it for love, I’m outta here!”

Cohen also pressed Gage on the rumors that he had cheated in the relationship, but the actor merely responded that there “was no cheating.” It seems he’s not at liberty to discuss the relationship further, saying he signed a “three-letter thing,” in all likelihood referencing an NDA, or non-disclosure agreement.

Ultimately, Gage said that while his marriage to Appleton was unhinged, he’ll probably also have six more marriages in his life. With that kind of self-aware chaos, we can’t help but stan.

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