‘Love Lies Bleeding’ Star Katy O’Brian Joins Cast of Next ‘Mission: Impossible’ Movie

As a fan of both incredibly strong lesbians and stunt-driven action spectacles, it brings me great pleasure to report that Love Lies Bleeding star Katy O’Brian has joined the cast of the next Mission: Impossible film.

The actress and former bodybuilder has officially signed on for director Christopher McQuarrie’s follow-up to Mission: Impossible — Dead Reckoning, according to Deadline, which broke the news Wednesday. The 2023 sequel found Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) and his Impossible Mission Force battling an AI known only as The Entity as it sought to undermine the global intelligence community and throw the world into chaos.

We don’t have any more details on what role O’Brian might play in the forthcoming film, which is currently slated for 2025, but it’s probably safe to say we can expect her to throw a punch or two. In Love Lies Bleeding, the new lesbian crime film from director Rose Glass, O’Brian brought her own experiences to the role of Jackie, a competitive bodybuilder who becomes embroiled in a relationship with Kristen Stewart’s Lou, a gym manager in the Southwest.

“What I love about this movie is that the queerness isn’t the conflict,” O’Brian recently told Them of the steamy thriller. “It’s the type of film that I, as a queer person, would want to watch — to not have drama around my sexuality, and to just admire these two absolutely wacky individuals.”

While I’m as much of a fan of A24 films as the next arty queer, I have to sheepishly admit I’m almost more excited to see O’Brian in an explosion-filled extravaganza that costs hundreds of millions of dollars. The Venn diagram of queer women who have Letterboxd accounts and people who can recite the directors of each Mission: Impossible movie in order (“De Palma, Woo, Abrams, Bird, McQuarrie”) may not have a very large intersection, but I live firmly in its center. If O’Brian’s casting can retroactively introduce some mainstream filmgoers to Love Lies Bleeding, and also give thirsty lesbians an excuse to go watch Ethan Hunt jet-ski into outer space, we’ll all be better for it.

The next Mission: Impossible film hits theaters on May 23, 2025.

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