Longtime Besties Skaiwater and Lil Nas X Teamed Up for an Aries Season Banger

Skaiwater and Lil Nas X have a longstanding friendship, dating back to 2018 when the British rapper featured on an early song by the “Old Town Road” singer. Now, the tables have turned, with Lil Nas X featuring on a new Skaiwater song, complete with an extremely Y2K music video.

The video for “light!” dropped at 1 p.m. on Friday, and it’s absolutely one for the gamer girls (gender neutral), stans of the fashion sub-label Heaven by Marc Jacobs, furries, and those who fall at the intersection of the three. It opens with someone grabbing a Heaven two-headed teddy bear trinket of some kind and stashing it in their bag before grabbing a PS2 Skaistation 2 controller and booting up the game “Light.” They open the character selector, and then we get sucked into the world of what one can only assume is the video game.

We first see Skaiwater, who uses all pronouns but has stated a preference for “they,” shirtless in the two-headed teddy bear necklace and wearing what appears to be a pair of furry ears. (You may not like it, but this is the ideal nonbinary outfit.) Mostly, the video is just under three minutes of hot people posing in cool, mostly black clothes with silver jewelry, and what more can you ask for from a music video? Plus, the song itself is a perfectly catchy “fuck my ex” (which Lil Nas X repeats during his verse) type of anthem, an apt segue into Aries season. Sorry to Lil Nas X for whoever hurt his feelings — he raps about someone “cheating on [his] ass with a cornball” — but at least it all resulted in a banger.

The collab marks the first time that Lil Nas X has featured on a song, which he called a “full circle moment,” since Skaiwater was the very first artist to ever work with him, according to a post from Lil Nas X. Skaiwater also opened for Lil Nas X on the Montero tour in 2022. Skaiwater, who’s based in England, dropped their debut mixtape Happy Hour in May 2021, followed by the album Rave in November 2022.

“i’m so excited to watch her grow as a musician and a person!” Lil Nas X said on X. “FUCK WHOEVER DONT FUCK WITCHU! wuv u skaiwater”