Last Year, This TikTok Duo Raised $2 Million for Trans Healthcare. This Year, They’re Doubling It

Trans TikTok dynamic duo Jory Vizcaino and Mercury Stardust set out to raise $1 million for trans healthcare last year, only to double their goal. This year, their plan for Trans Day of Visibility is to go even further.

Vizcaino, an artist and trans rights advocate known to her followers as @AlluringSkull, and Stardust, the author of the home repair guide Safe and Sound who has been dubbed TikTok’s “trans handy ma’am,” are setting out to raise $4 million for Point of Pride, an organization that helps trans people access gender-affirming care. Their three-day fundraising campaign starts today and ends March 31, featuring three 10-hour live streams on TikTok and Twitch.

According to a statement released by Point of Pride, all of the funds will go toward helping 30,000 trans people secure binders and femme shapewear, hormone therapy, hair removal, and gender-affirming surgeries. In a video promoting the fundraiser, the pair pointed out that access to trans healthcare is under legislative attack across the United States, making it especially important to support trans people this TDOV.

“Right now more than ever, we need to come together as a community to combat that [wave of anti-trans laws],” Vizcaino said. “We need to continue to give trans people hope and we need to bridge that gap and that lack of access to care.”

Stardust and Vizcaino have been promoting the fundraiser all across TikTok through funny skits, with support from some of our trans internet faves, like Vizcaino’s fiancée Max, Dylan Mulvaney, Ve’ondre Mitchell, and Zaya Perysian.

“As trans people, we know more than anyone that the only people who will help trans people are trans people and we’re trying to bring attention to it,” Stardust told her followers.

You can tune in to watch the livestreams and donate here, starting at 2 p.m. CDT.

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