Kristen Stewart Talked About Playing a “Little, Dykey Sister” in Love Lies Bleeding

Kristen Stewart is taking horny on main to a whole new level — namely, to the cover of Rolling Stone. The headline is “Kristen Stewart Uncensored,” befitting of both the photo itself, with the actor posing in a leather vest with one hand in her jockstrap (yes, her jockstrap). “Uncensored” is also an apt description of the profile that accompanies the cover, in which Stewart got candid about everything from the “frat house” she lives in to her complicated relationship with femininity.

Read on for some of the highlights from the interview.

Kristen Stewart’s morning routine with her fiancée

Stewart told the magazine that she previously had “a very fucked-up relationship with sleep,” but is now an early riser thanks to her fianceé Dylan Meyer.

“Me and Dylan are writing something, so the first three hours, we treasure them. Our brains are just working well at that time,” Stewart told Rolling Stone. She added that when Meyer moved in with her, she had “no curtains, three forks, and I never drank coffee, and I was like, ‘I don’t sleep.’” Meyer gave her some sage advice: “In the morning, you drink coffee and you work, and you’re alive, and you’re awake, and then at night you close the curtains.”

“In retrospect, it was so obvious,” Stewart concluded.

Kristen Stewart’s “frat house”

The profile gives us a fascinating look into Stewart’s Los Angeles living quarters, which Rolling Stone described as “haphazardly furnished and a little unkempt.” The living room features a “black leather sofa under large metal letters that spell out ‘ASS,’” as well as a wall of books featuring authors like Kathy Acker and Jack Kerouac, and “a sort of game room.” The game room has “an orange-topped pool table, a Playboy pinball machine, a row of metal lockers, and a refrigerator with a large orange biohazard sticker on the door.”

Stewart’s home also features an installation of sorts by street artist Mr. Brainwash, who spraypainted the words “life is beautiful” on one of her walls in red without asking her. In response, she told Rolling Stone “So I know that I do sort of live in a frat house, but that is psychotic.” (The magazine also noted that during the pandemic she spraypainted the word “MAINLY” underneath the slogan.) In short, it sounds like Stewart lives in a Mojo Dojo Casa House that could easily rival Ken’s.

Kristen Stewart’s mission to be a “little, dykey sister”

With regards to her role as Lou in Love Lies Bleeding, Stewart told Rolling Stone that it was “really fucking fun to be allowed to have the little, dykey sister be the main protagonist in a movie.”