In Another Win for Gay Animals, Mae Martin Stars in a Doc About Sexual Fluidity in Nature

It’s already been a huge year for queer and trans representation in nature, from gay humpback whales to the half-male, half-female bird. Now, comedian Mae Martin is going to be documenting it all in an episode of the long-running Canadian documentary series The Nature of Things.

In a Wednesday Instagram post, Mae and documentary filmmaker Michelle Mama announced the episode, entitled Fluid: Life Beyond the Binary. “It’s a fantastic and surprising look at what nature has to say about gender and will be a great tool for kids, teachers and folks to open discussions about the complex science of gender,” Mama wrote in the caption.

The CBC also dropped a teaser for the episode on its website on Tuesday. In the minute-long clip, Martin appears a white lab coat in a cute, stylized science classroom, giving very much nonbinary Bill Nye the Science Guy.

“I want to know what science has to say about gender and sexual fluidity,” Mae says in between beautiful shots of various flora and fauna, including sex-changing clown fish.

The episode won’t just be limited to exploring the animal kingdom, at least not without a look at humans. The teaser also promises to “discover the latest science and debunk old ideas,” specifically about transgender people. One expert is shown saying that the difference between male and female brains is “so subtle,” before we see them taking a human brain out of a vat of fluid and saying, “I have no idea what kind of person this came from.” There’s even a scene in which a teacher is shown explaining trans people to a classroom of children.

It seems as though the episode won’t shy away from tackling some of the most transphobic myths out there: namely, the idea that “brain sex” is a real thing, and the idea that explaining transness to children is difficult and/or dangerous. Considering that The Nature of Things is a staple of Canadian television which has been airing on CBC since 1960, it seems like this will be a very welcome addition to the educational canon.

You can watch Mae Martin in Fluid: Life Beyond the Binary on March 28.

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