Dylan Mulvaney’s Dream Is to Make a “Trans ‘Legally Blonde’”

In case you didn’t know, when Dylan Mulvaney’s not busy shouldering an absurd amount of right-wing hatred over low-calorie beer, the woman can carry a tune. The accomplished singer recently shared that she has been auditioning for Broadway roles — and in a new interview with IMDb on Thursday, she revealed her dream part: playing Elle Woods in a trans version of Legally Blonde.

After sharing her enthusiasm for Wicked, Mulvaney said, “My dream though is to do a trans Legally Blonde. I wanna play Elle Woods and have maybe a trans Emmett and a trans Paulette. And I think what’s so cool about plugging trans people into existing stories is it inherently changes what the topic is, but in a way that you don’t actually have to do much to the script because it becomes something different — but actually, I think it makes it even more powerful.”

Transgender performers from Sis to Shakina Nayfack to Peppermint have made inroads on Broadway, but trans storytelling itself remains scarce in the theater industry at large. Which is why Mulvaney’s idea of a trans take on Legally Blonde is actually quite compelling when you think about it, beyond the obvious similarities between her new hairstyle and Reese Witherspoon’s circa 2001.

Maybe Mulvaney’s version of Woods could be a young trans woman inspired to enter the legal field after having been denied gender-affirming healthcare as a teenager — timely! — only to face gatekeeping and elitism at Harvard. Enter a dreamy Emmett (played by none other than trans actor Emmett Preciado, also a terrific singer) who can show her the ropes while standing up to Elle’s shady chaser of an ex-boyfriend. But it’s the prospect of a trans Paulette that may be the most delicious of all: I need to hear Laverne Cox’s spin on Jennifer Coolidge’s iconic line “Makes me want a hot dog real bad.”

Together, the trio could successfully sue a state over a trans healthcare ban, setting up a (shark-jumping, but who cares?) sequel in which Woods has to argue the case before the Supreme Court. In fact, the more I type this out, the more I just want to start writing the musical script already. Broadway producers, if you’re reading this, we’re halfway there already. Let’s make it happen. Mulvaney will absolutely crush “Bend and Snap.”

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