Conservatives Are Losing It Because Easter and TDOV Are on the Same Day This Year

After years of scheming and steepling our fingers forebodingly in shadowy corners, the Transgender Agenda’s final goal has finally been achieved: holding Trans Day of Visibility on Easter Sunday. That’s right, folks: we got ’em.

In truth, this is a mere coincidence of the Gregorian calendar. (In fact, Christians have disagreed about what date Easter is really on for nearly 2,000 years.) Transgender Day of Visibility will happen on March 31 this year as it has since 2010, when activist Rachel Crandall-Crocker introduced the concept as a counterpart to Trans Day of Remembrance in the fall. In 2024, the day also happens to fall on the Christian holiday Easter, which is observed on a Sunday between March 22 and April 25 depending on the date of the Full Moon — and based on that fact alone, droves of anti-trans conservatives have fully lost all composure.

At its most recent meeting on March 19, the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors in Virginia voted to officially observe TDOV on March 31 in a landslide 9-0 vote (with one member not present). A week later, Fox News picked up the story and paired it with a statement from Stephanie Lundquist-Arora, a right-wing commentator from Fairfax County who last made headlines for dropping out of the 2022 school board race after laughing at an autistic student who sang the national anthem during a talent show. Lundquist-Arora, clearly a sound moral arbiter, told Fox the county board’s decision to recognize TDOV on Easter was “reprehensible” and accused the board of “intentionally trying to offend Christians.”

But let’s be honest, why simply offend Christians when you can construct an elaborate, National Treasure-level conspiracy to… I don’t know, unseal the foretold heralds of Lucifer or something? The Fox News story (and Lundquist-Arora’s accompanying editorial in the Washington Examiner) quickly exploded in conservative media. Anti-trans and anti-abortion activist Seth Gruber took to X, formerly Twitter — because where else? — to weave a much more entertaining version of the story: Fairfax County had fallen under the spell of “trans-Gnosticism,” demonically rejecting the real meaning of Easter. (Fun fact: “trans Gnosticism” is actually just what you call it when a trans person replays Persona 3 Reload.)

For Gruber, an ambassador for Charlie Kirk’s conservative organization Turning Point USA, “trans Gnosticism” is a diabolical refusal to accept that Jesus’s body died on the cross and was resurrected with stigmata, because bodies don’t matter… or something? If you’re reading this, there’s a solid chance you are a lapsed Catholic, so your guess is likely better than mine. “One day you’ll wake up and realize that the culture war is just a proxy war for the far deeper spiritual war,” Gruber exhorted his followers, much like a guy who is definitely not making his name peddling religious “culture war” propaganda.

Meanwhile, this year’s TDOV observances march on across the U.S. without care as to the ravings of conspiracy theorists. In Oklahoma, where LGBTQ+ and indigenous communities are still reeling from the death of Nex Benedict in February, organizers with Freedom Oklahoma are holding celebrations in Tulsa and Oklahoma City to create “joy-centered space.” Not able to attend a TDOV event in person? Point of Pride’s third annual “TikTok-a-Thon” fundraiser, hosted by popular content creators Jory “AlluringSkull” and Mercury Stardust, will be taking place all weekend. The organization has set a fundraising goal of $4 million this year, which will go toward trans people in need of mutual aid, health care, and gender-affirming apparel; as of this writing, the fundraiser had already received over $190,000 in donations prior to its official launch.

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