Conservatives Are Furious About a Hilton Ad Showing People in Pink Saying “Slay”

There is no greater rivalry than that which exists between conservatives and advertisements that are nominally gay. The latest brand that’s been accused of promoting the woke agenda? None other than Hilton Hotels & Resorts.

The hotel chain posted a 30-second spot to its YouTube channel way back in October, and for some reason, conservative group One Million Moms is just getting mad about it now.

The commercial features a bunch of people in pink suits and dresses saying things like [deep sigh] “Hilton Honors slays” and “All these perks. We’re sliving.” The latter is, of course, a reference to Paris Hilton’s portmanteau of “slay” and “living” — and yes, the Hilton heiress herself makes an appearance, with a signature “That’s hot.” (It’s also worth noting that “slay,” like much of what we consider to be LGBTQ+ slang and culture, comes from Black and Latine ballroom communities.)

Last week, One Million Moms — a subsidiary of the Southern Poverty Law Center-designated hate group American Family Association — posted a petition against the commercial to its Facebook page. The text of the petition claims that “Hilton is attempting to normalize the LGBTQ lifestyle with its liberal advertising choices.”

“The hotel chain is obviously pushing the LGBTQ agenda with this commercial, which depicts individuals, couples, and families, all in obviously gender-confused roles,” the petition reads, adding that “the ad features actors portraying multiple homosexual and transgender characters.”

So far, over 11,000 people have signed the petition, which also includes a message directly to the Hilton itself, stating, “I am not buying into your social agenda that pushes the gay lifestyle. Your commercial featuring a homosexual couple and men in drag offends me, and it also offends many other conservative consumers. I disagree with the LGBTQ agenda you are forcing on families and children.” It’s unclear where the supposed men in drag are, considering that the ad features more masc individuals in suits and more femme individuals in dresses. But we digress.

Them has reached out to Hilton Hotels & Resorts for comment.

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