Bodily Autonomy Now: Gabrielle Union-Wade, Samira Wiley, and More Speak Out

Bodily autonomy: the freedom to do with our bodies as we please. Cis or trans, this is what we want — to decide for ourselves whether to transition, to have a child through IVF, or to carry a pregnancy to term. It is in opposition to this human right that conservative lawmakers have banded together, with sometimes lethal efficacy.

As of March, 2024, more than a dozen states have moved to ban abortion. Meanwhile, many of those same leaders are working to prevent trans people from receiving gender-affirming care. What began as an attack on transgender youth has increasingly become an effort to block transition at any age. The writing isn’t just on the wall anymore; it’s on the books. They’re coming for us all.

To stop them, we must tighten our ties. We must solidify our solidarity. We must join forces — as trans organizers, as reproductive rights advocates, as feminists, as storytellers, as icons, as parents, as principled people to proclaim: My body, my choice.

To insist: Our bodies, our choice.

Let’s be honest: We don’t need the future to be female. We need the future to be free. That’s the demand — for the pregnant people weighing all of their options, for our beautiful trans siblings who model liberation everyday.

Bodily autonomy for all. Bodily autonomy now.

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